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My approach as a counsellor, coach and therapist is to willingly enter into as much as possible, the subjective experience of my clients and where they are right now in their lives. I work in a creative and flexible manner, This is adaptable to both short term and long term coaching or therapy. In both coaching and counselling, I focus on helping individuals, couples, families and groups identify unconscious internal and external conflicts within themselves and others and in life and in their relationships. Once these conflicts are made conscious, I help clients to articulate emotions, needs and beliefs. Then we can begin to work on building trust, securing safe attachments and increasing the ability for clients to give and receive love and direction. In my experience, clients who enter coaching or therapy with high levels of commitment and motivation emerge from our work together with greater gains. I encourage you to bring an attitude of openness, willingness and a commitment to your coaching or counselling work. I believe you will get out of the process what you put into it. Our work together always includes finding greater clarity and authenticity within yourself and in your relationships with others 

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Experienced, qualified and compassionate counsellor and coach with over 14 years experience, Institute for Learning and Society of Humanistic Psychology. Fully Insured, qualified and experienced professional. BA Hons from LERC, MA, PTLLS, ACE Facilitator, Affiliateship with IfL, NMC Certificant. 

Counselling and Coaching in comfortable, calm and confidential settings at prestigious therapy chambers in Harley Street, Central London and in the leafy suburbs of upmarket Harrow and in the home counties town of Oxford